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3 Small Venus Flytraps - Fly Trap - (Dionaea Muscipula) Carnivorous Plant 3 Inch Pot

You will receive 3 live healthy small sized Venus Flytrap Plants. They come with a 3 inch net pot, just like the one in the picture, moss appropriate for carnivorous plant soil loosely packed, and a d

9GreenBox - Sarracenia Carnivorous Pitcher Plant - 3

Pitcher plants are characterized by leaves that are fused or modified into pitcher shapes with prominent lids. In the wild, pitcher plants are found in wet places with acidic soil. The plants are hard

Spoonleaf Sundew Plant -Drosera spathulata- Carnivorous

The tiny paddle-like hairy leaves are covered with drops of sticky goo, which trap insects that are attracted to the plant. In summer the sundews are topped with thin spikes holding small pink flowers

Cape Sundew Plant - Drosera capensis - Carnivorous Gift Box

Water with mineral free distilled or rain water. Native to the Cape region of South Africa. Great in terrariums. Native to Africa. Like distilled water. Great in terrariums. Easy to grow. Ships in a

Lady Luck Red Asian Pitcher Plant - Nepenthes - Carnivorous - 4

One of the easiest carnivorous plants to grow Nepenthes are commonly known as pitcher plants or monkey cups Native to the Philippines Makes an unusual house plant Immediate shipping

Cape Sundew Plant - Drosera capensis - Carnivorous - 3

Drosera capensis, or Cape Sundew, is a very easy sundew to grow. It is native to the Cape region of South Africa. They are perennial, with a stem of 8-14 inches high and linear leaves tapered toward t

DuneCraft Dome Terrariums - Carnivorous Plants

Grow over ten varieties of carnivorous plants! Color decals Decorative gravel Fun accessories Decorative plant stakes

Orange Pitcher Plant- Nepenthes - Carnivorous - RARE

Nepenthes sanguinea- Orange Pitcher Plant: Nepenthes are commonly known as pitcher plants or monkey cups as the tips of some leaves form jug like structures which hold a digestive liquid ready for the

Scarlet Belle Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia - Carnivorous - 3

CARNIVOROUS PLANTS: Carnivorous plants have the most bizarre adaptations to low-nutrient environments. These plants obtain some nutrients by trapping and digesting various invertebrates. Because insec